DIY Custom Phone Case

My phone is constantly in my hand, on my desk, or sitting on the table at a restaurant.  I realized that it’s prime real estate for advertising my business.  This tip is awesome because it’s cute and it’s lead magnet!  People constantly ask about my phone: “Are you and artist?”  “What’s Love Bug Face Painting?”. Continue reading to learn how to make your own custom phone case for $3.


This is the secret.  I picked up this clear phone case at the craft store for $3 and I can effortlessly swap out my custom liners. Here’s the process.


Step 1: Print out your logo or design on regular printer paper.  In this case I used my face painting logo and guessed at the size which worked out well.


Step 2: Trace the outline of your phone case.  DO NOT trace the camera hole because it will be in the wrong side when you flip over the insert.


Step 3:  Cut out your insert.  I cut about 1/4 in smaller than my trace line so it fit well in the plastic cover.  This is the time to trace and cut the camera hole.


That’s it!  Just insert your the paper and snap on the case.

IMG_2464 IMG_2465

Right now I’m rocking this watercolor insert and I get questions about it all the time. I found it simply by searching on google.  You could use your logo, photos of your work, even just a business card for the time being.

IMG_2456 IMG_2457

There you go.  So simple, right?  I hope you enjoy and please send me your photos of your custom phone cases or tag me on facebook and instagram @lovebugfacepainting.  I would love to see them. If you aren’t already a subscriber, please sign up today and I’ll email you a free face painting menu to say thanks! ‘Till next time.

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Sara Meyer

Love Bug Face Painting

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